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VAERS Bibliography - September 2000

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    Keywords: Animal/ Animals, Domestic/ Animals, Wild/ Human/ Rabies/ Prevention & Control/ Veterinary/ Rabies Vaccine/ Administration & Dosage/ United States/ Vaccination/ Standards/ Veterinary/ Veterinary Medicine/ Standards.

  2. Delayed supply of influenza vaccine and adjunct ACIP influenza vaccine recommendations for the 2000-01 influenza season. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2000 Jul 14;49(27):619-22.
    Keywords: Human/ Influenza/ Prevention & Control/ Influenza Vaccine/ Supply & Distribution/ Seasons/ United States/ Vaccination/ Standards.

  3. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Delayed supply of influenza vaccine and adjunct ACIP influenza vaccine recommendations for the 2000-01 influenza season. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. JAMA 2000 Aug 9;284(6):687-8.
    Keywords: Human/ Influenza/ Prevention & Control/ Influenza Vaccine/ Supply & Distribution/ Seasons/ United States/ Vaccination/ Standards.

  4. Hepatitis B vaccination coverage among Asian and Pacific Islander children--United States, 1998. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2000 Jul 14;49(27):616-9.
    Keywords: Asian Americans/ Child/ Child, Preschool/ Hepatitis B Vaccines/ Administration & Dosage/ Human/ Immunization Programs/ Infant/ United States/ Vaccination/ Utilization.

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    Keywords: Adolescence/ Adult/ Bacterial Vaccines/ Therapeutic Use/ Disease Outbreaks/ Prevention & Control/ Female/ Human/ Immunization/ Adverse Effects/ Male/ Meningitis/ Immunology/ Prevention & Control/ Neisseria Meningitidis/ Immunology/ Student Health Services.

  6. Progress toward poliomyelitis eradication--European region, 1998-June 2000. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2000 Jul 28;49(29):656-60.
    Keywords: Adolescence/ Adult/ Child/ Child, Preschool/ Europe/ Epidemiology/ Human/ Immunization Programs/ Incidence/ Infant/ Poliomyelitis/ Epidemiology/ Prevention & Control/ Poliovirus Vaccine/ Population Surveillance/ Vaccination/ Utilization.

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    Keywords: Adolescence/ Canada/ Hepatitis B/ Prevention & Control/ Virology/ Hepatitis B Vaccines/ Administration & Dosage/ Human/ Immunization, Secondary.

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    Keywords: Carrier State/ Epidemiology/ Virology/ Child, Preschool/ Hepatitis B/ Epidemiology/ Immunology/ Prevention & Control/ Hepatitis B Antibodies/ Blood/ Hepatitis B Surface Antigens/ Analysis/ Genetics/ Immunology/ Hepatitis B Vaccines/ Administration & Dosage/ Immunology/ Human/ Immunization, Secondary/ Infant/ Infant, Newborn/ Orphanages/ Recombinant Proteins/ Immunology/ Vaccination.

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    Keywords: Adolescence/ Antibodies, Viral/ Blood/ Child/ Child, Preschool/ Follow-up Studies/ Human/ Infant/ Measles Vaccine/ Administration & Dosage/ Immunology/ Mumps Vaccine/ Administration & Dosage/ Immunology/ Rubella Vaccine/ Administration & Dosage/ Immunology/ Rubella Virus/ Immunology/ Time Factors/ Vaccination/ Vaccines, Combined/ Administration & Dosage/ Immunology.

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    Keywords: Animal/ Antibodies, Viral/ Blood/ Base Sequence/ Cells, Cultured/ Hamsters/ Hemagglutinins, Viral/ Genetics/ Immunology/ Metabolism/ Human/ Infant/ Measles/ Prevention & Control/ Measles Vaccine/ Immunology/ Measles Virus/ Genetics/ Immunology/ Mesocricetus/ Molecular Sequence Data/ Parainfluenza Virus 3, Human/ Genetics/ Immunology/ Physiology/ Temperature/ Vaccination/ Vaccines, Synthetic/ Immunology/ Virus Replication.

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