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VAERS Bibliography - July 2000

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    Keyword: Immunotherapy, Adoptive/ Lymphocyte Transfusion/ Lymphoma/ Etiology/ Pathology/ Macaca Mulatta/ T-Lymphocytes/ Immunology/ Pathology/ Virology

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    Keyword: Adenocarcinoma/ Genetics/ Immunology/ Animal/ Blotting, Southern/ Cytokines/ Genetics/ Secretion/ Ca-15-3 Antigen/ Biosynthesis/ Genetics/ Immunology/ Female/ Flow Cytometry/ Fluorescent Antibody Technique/ Human/ Immunization/ Immunohistochemistry/ Interferon Type Ii/ Genetics/ Secretion/ Interleukin-12/ Genetics/ Secretion/ Interleukin-2/ Genetics/ Secretion/ Interleukin-4/ Genetics/ Secretion/ Mammary Neoplasms, Experimental/ Genetics/ Immunology/ Mice/ Mice, Inbred Balb C/ Mice, Inbred C3h/ Mice, Transgenic/ Mucins/ Biosynthesis/ Support, Non-U.s. Gov't/ Time Factors/ Transduction, Genetic/ Tumor Cells, Cultured

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    Keyword: Child/ Cost-Benefit Analysis/ Cytomegalovirus/ Immunology/ Cytomegalovirus Infections/ Economics/ Immunology/ Prevention & Control/ Female/ Human/ Male/ Viral Envelope Proteins/ Metabolism/ Viral Vaccines/ Economics/ Immunology

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    Keyword: Human/ Immunization Programs/ Poliomyelitis/ Epidemiology/ Prevention & Control/ Poliovirus Vaccine/ World Health

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