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VAERS Bibliography - February 2000

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    Keywords: Acute/ Adolescence/ Adult/ Adverse Effects/ Africa/ Aged/ Child/ Chronic/ Classification/ Contraindications/ Cost-Benefit Analysis/ Disease Susceptibility/ Drug Effects/ Economics/ Female/ Human/ Hypersensitivity/ Infant/ Influenza/ Influenza A Virus/ Influenza Vaccine/ Medical/ Newborn/ Non-U.S.Gov't/ Orthomyxoviridae/ Pregnancy/ Preschool/ Prevention & Control/ Risk Factors/ Societies/ Support/ Vaccination


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    Keywords: Adult/ Adverse Effects/ Bacillary/ Bacterial Vaccines/ Child/ Dysentery/ Human/ Immunology/ Preschool/ Prevention & Control/ Randomized Controlled Trials/ Shigella sonnei/ Therapeutic Use


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    Keywords: Adverse Effects/ Human/ Immunology/ Infant/ Multicenter Studies/ Prevention & Control/ Randomized Controlled Trials/ Rotavirus/ Rotavirus Infections/ Therapeutic Use/ Viral Vaccines


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    Keywords: Adult/ Adverse Effects/ Bacterial Vaccines/ Conjugate/ Human/ Immunology/ Pneumococcal Infections/ Prevention & Control/ Randomized Controlled Trials/ Streptococcus pneumoniae/ Therapeutic Use


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