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December 1999 Bibliography Sorted by Author

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    Keywords: Epidemiology/ Human/ Influenza/ Influenza Vaccine/ Methods/ Patient Education/ Patient Selection/ Prevention & Control/ Primary Prevention/ Risk Factors/ United States/ Vaccination

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    Keywords: Administration & Dosage/ Child/ Epidemiology/ Human/ Immunization/ Immunization Programs/ Infant/ Myanmar/ Oral/ Poliomyelitis/ Poliovirus Vaccine/ Preschool/ Prevention & Control/ Transmission/ Vaccination/ Virus/ Viruses

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    Keywords: Adult/ Aged/ Analysis/ Bacterial Vaccines/ Complications/ Diabetes Mellitus/ Epidemiology/ Female/ Human/ Immunization/ Immunology/ Influenza/ Influenza Vaccine/ Male/ Middle Age/ Morbidity/ Mortality/ Pneumococcal/ Pneumonia/ Practice/ Prevention & Control/ Public/ Risk/ Streptococcus pneumoniae/ United States/ Utilization/ Vaccination

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    Keywords: Adult/ Aged/ Analysis/ Bacterial/ Bacterial Vaccines/ Complications/ Human/ Immunology/ Influenza/ Influenza Vaccine/ Medicare/ Pneumococcal/ Statistics & Numer Data/ Streptococcus pneumoniae/ United States/ Utilization/ Vaccination

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